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Specialist Teachers Seminars

Over recent years, this comprehensive and multifaceted programme has increasingly been in demand from international schools, universities and training institutions which nominate candidates from among their teaching staff – as a result, the number of applications is much higher than the number of places that can be made available. Therefore, PrintPromotion has incorporated an additional offer into its training programme. As from 2009, three-day seminars for specialist teachers in specific target countries are offered in addition to the courses for specialist teachers held in Germany. The courses will thus be made available to a larger circle of interested persons, and there will be no travelling costs for the participants. At the same time, these seminars offer the possibility to meet potential applicants for the training in Germany for a better pre-selection so that groups consisting of participants with similar prior knowledge and special subject areas can be formed. This enables to adapt the focal topics of the training in Germany to the needs of the participants in a better way and thus to make this training even more effective. Since the courses for specialist teachers in Germany are held in English, it is essential that the participants have good English language skills in order to be able to understand the lessons and to take part in the specialist discussions.

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