Corporation for the Promotion of the Printing and Paper Converting Industry


The e-learning platform is a modern instrument of basic and advanced training for schools, companies providing vocational training and interested staff in the print media industry which is tailored to the requirements of the printing industry. is a vivid teaching path leading through the total genesis of a print product − from pre-press to print and print finishing.

The outstanding advantage of this teaching method is that it provides further training at low cost since the training modules are independent of time and location: Everybody can learn whenever and wherever he/she wants! The curriculum is taught in a lively and vivid manner using different media: Films, animations, interactive exercises, graphics, sound and text.

The learning modules were prepared by manufacturers of technology and systems for the printing and paper industry, specialist authors and experts from the graphic arts industry: Strong practical relevance of the curriculum is ensured. For their learning sessions, the participants are offered

  • Online tutor support
  • A comprehensive glossary comprising 7000 terms
  • A training platform
  • A special forum with moderator

Upon successful completion of a final online test, a certificate is issued. Additionally, a practical course is carried out provided the minimum number of participants is reached.

Further information about the courses and dates are available on the learning platform at